Do and measure what matters.

We're excited to see you in our OKRs and Goals course in the Best-Self Academy! (Note: This course is part of our free Best-Self Management Certification.)

You'll learn...

- The basics of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

- How to set OKRs that reflect your most important work

- The importance of focusing your energy and efforts on what's most important

In the meantime, here are some additional OKR and Goal resources:

Get nerdy with the science behind OKRs and Goals. Keep your team focused, inspired, and aligned by providing context and direction and setting top priorities each quarter. Help your people understand the impact their work has on your organization.

Ready to get started with OKRs? Here's a quick guide with recommendations and potential pitfalls to avoid, including limiting the number of objectives and key results each person is responsible for to allow them to do less and obsess.

Curious about how OKRs relate to compensation and bonuses? OKRs should be only one of many factors you consider. Reviews and performance evaluation should always involve triangulation from multiple sources to help ensure fairness.

Thinking about a company-wide OKR rollout? Contact us about our OKR workshops at 

Want even more OKR and goal guidance? We've got an OKR ebook and an ebook sneak peek preview to help you and your team get started with objectives and key results.

Ready to launch? Scale the power of OKRs with 15Five.