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To create highly engaged, high-performing organizations by helping people become their best selves.

"Performance is a result or an outcome, not something that can be managed directly; it’s a byproduct of focusing on other things that give rise to it. Therefore if you’re practicing “performance management” you’re already trying to manage the wrong thing." - David Hassell, Founder and CEO, 15Five
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Interested in ongoing content and learning about Best-Self Management? David Hassell, 15Five Co-Founder and CEO, and Shane Metcalf, 15Five Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer, frequently speak, write, webinar, podcast, and interview about Best-Self Management.

Where did Best-Self Management come from? David's Medium article about the origins of Best-Self Management lays out his journey towards creating a compelling context for people to unlock their highest potential.

Is this certification really free? Yes, we want these ideas to spread because people want and need inspiring, motivating work and workplaces.