1-on-1s are your most important meeting.

Can't wait to see you in our 1-on-1s course! (Note: This course is part of our free Best-Self Management Certification.)

You'll learn...

- How to go beyond shallow "just checking in" and status update conversations

- How to create relational energy, emotional connection, and psychological safety

- How to focus the conversation on what matters most: people and performance

In the meantime, here are some resources for having great 1-on-1s:

The foundation of amazing partnerships between managers & team members. Kim Cameron, PhD, Author of Positive Leadership, talks with 15Five's Director of People Science, Courtney Bigony, about the critical importance of 1-on-1s in this video and blog post.

1-on-1s should have a structure that facilitates conversation and connection. Use 15Five's ultimate 1-on-1 checklist to uplevel the most important manager/employee interactions and help your people look forward to 1-on-1 meetings.

1-on-1s normalize feedback, which is essential for performance. Many people want more feedback and 1-on-1s create a regular cadence for sharing observations, recognition, encouragement, and redirection.

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