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The world’s best managers are all about ongoing learning and development. The problem is that we forget most of what we learn, especially when the lessons are sporadic. The Best-Self Academy uses a proven system to help you quickly integrate what you learn to transform you as a manager, forever.

  • Regular repetition of concepts is the key to retaining new information

  • Immediate application of what you learn within 15Five or other performance management system

  • Cohort based learning - part of a community of students

  • Lessons from external experts from the world’s most successful companies and academics at prestigious universities

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A new opportunity to grow

From Manager to Leader

Continuous Learning & Development

What's included in your annual From Manager to Leader membership?

  • Four 12 week courses with weekly lessons

    Curated 15-30 minute lessons and assignments that immediately improve your management skills and build over time to transform you into the manager you always wish you had.

  • Customizable tools

    Bring your learning to life and work immediately with actionable tools, templates, and frameworks, aligned with your manager and leader responsibilities.

  • Exclusive manager community

    Social learning embeds training into your day to day experience as a manager and leader. You'll enter the Academy with others on the same journey so we can learn and grow together.

  • Bonus: Monthly AMA

    A monthly AMA (ask me anything) event with Academy Director, Jeff Smith, PhD and other 15Five experts to drill deeper into the topics that matter most.

  • The daily share

    Jeff will send something to encourage consistent learning (a short video, audio recording, article recommendation, etc.)

  • Bonus: LIVE monthly session

    Learn alongside other community members during a live monthly workshop on a crowd-sourced topic from our community on a pressing issue.

  • Expert faculty

    Leadership and management lessons from external experts from the world’s most successful companies and academics at prestigious universities

  • More surprises along the way

    The needs of our community will co-create the shared experience, so we'll be experimenting with different approaches and events throughout your journey.

About your principle facilitator:

Dr. Jeff Smith is Director of the Best-Self Academy, as well as a cognitive psychologist and foster dog enthusiast. Jeff’s mission is to use science to help people, teams, and organizations thrive. Jeff has an eclectic background, including leadership roles in learning and development, performance, strengths-based assessments, product, design, UX, CX, and innovation. Jeff loves to translate qualitative research into what’s next – he has been named a Master Inventor (twice), co-invented the Aspirational Workplace Transformation Process, co-authored over 125 IP publications, and is a co-inventor on 15 issued US patents. Jeff received his Ph.D. in Psychology with a minor in Design from North Carolina State University.

What you'll learn:

  • Become your best-self. Because self-awareness is vital, you must first know your own strengths and opportunities for growth before you can lead others effectively. You’ll learn how to inspire and motivate yourself first, and discover your own purpose and passions to take your positive influence and career to the next level.

  • Cultivate relational mastery. To build a strong team, you'll learn how to nurture trust, listen to others, and facilitate teamwork and psychological safety. Model how to grow as a person so that you can give and receive feedback with curiosity and without defensiveness.

  • Foster high engagement and performance. You’ll learn the systems, tactics, and tools of the 'coach-leader', These include having meaningful 1-on-1s, amplifying the impact of recognition, motivating beyond rewards and compensation, and how to measure performance, engagement, and thriving.

HR Leaders who care about people AND performance...

You know that manager education and behavioral instruction are the keys to organizational health. Creating an environment where employees feel supported both emotionally and professionally, boosts retention and performance and fosters high levels of employee satisfaction and loyalty. Ready to create a world-class workplace where everyone wins? Enroll all of your managers in the Best-Self Academy Premium Membership with special pricing.

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