The Academy is About You!

From People Ops and the C-suite to managers and employees...

We heard that you crave a strong company culture, high performance, low turnover, and work that means something. Positive, authentic relationships between managers and employees are the gateways to creating psychologically safe workplaces, where people are intrinsically motivated to perform at their peak. The Best-Self Academy is designed to help you achieve these outcomes.
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Why Best-Self Management?

The 3 Pillars of Best-Self Management:

  • Being and becoming your best self

    Engaging in practices that lead to greater self-awareness

  • Cultivating relational mastery

    Learning how to be with others so that trust grows

  • Creating a powerful shared context

    Developing and maintaining a win/win culture

Care about people AND performance

Manager education and behavioral instruction are the keys to organizational health. Creating an environment where employees feel supported both emotionally and professionally, boosts retention and performance and fosters high levels of employee satisfaction and loyalty.